"We don't meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our path for a reason"

Find out what our lovely members have to say about being a part of the MOTUS Women Entrepreneurs Network…

“I was introduced to MOTUS Women Entrepreneurs Network a few months ago by a good friend and business colleague and was immediately intrigued and drawn to the group ethos. I have networked on and off over the last 6 years and never felt as though it “clicked” for me. Amanda’s vision for this group ticks so many boxes for me – support with and from like-minded business women, encouragement, meaningful 2-way relationships and lots of encouragement. It can be a lonely place out there and we all need the above from time to time. So whether it’s socialising, walking, business training events or whatever your needs I think this is the group to be part of, and can see it growing over time. I look forward to continuing to meet and build relationships with women involved in all different businesses but with a common aim, to be individuals with a passion for what they do and a willingness to learn and succeed”

Sue Sharp, Health & Wellbeing Consultant at Health, Wealthy & Wise You

“A supportive, welcoming, open & friendly group. Whatever you need, they’re there”!

Clare Eaton, Mortgage & Protection Advisor

“A fabulous supportive, helpful, friendly group of woman, supporting each other in business. Masterclasses thought provoking, key to good business practice, and a great opportunity to step back, have the time to think, and share with, and learn from others. Thank you for all your input and advise. So helpful and motivating at the start of my journey. MOTUS what a great network. So glad I joined”

Jane Dyer, Director of Tudor Rose Business Services www.tudorroseservices.co.uk

“Having attended some stiff and awkward networking meetings when I first started my business, I resigned myself to online networking. Then in early January 2017 I was looking into local networking opportunities online when I came across what was the Women in Business Netwalking Facebook Group (now MOTUS Women Entrepreneurs Network). I had my reservations going along on my own, but from the moment I arrived at Linacre Reservoir for my first netwalk, I was made to feel part of the group. The walk passed so quickly, with friendly chat and business advice in equal measure – I had such a good time and didn’t want to go home! As the group has evolved, I’ve attended the majority of the Netwalks as well as some Business Masterclasses. These have been delivered in a professional yet approachable manner and have always been relevant and very useful. The sessions are very inclusive and everyone has a valued opinion. Amanda has gone out of her way to make MOTUS an excellent resource for local women in business, and I applaud her for that. She has empowered women to focus, and to strive to be the best they can be, provided the tools to do it and ways to chill out when things get tough. Amanda is always brimming with ideas, whilst welcoming input from any other group members. I feel that Motus is now a group of friends, as well as women in business. The camaraderie as we stroll along makes you forget the ‘networking’ side of things, yet members are doing business with each other as well as forging friendships. My only regret is that I haven’t been able to make one of the social evenings, but hopefully, that will change in the near future”

Deborah Hoult, Virtual Assistant

‘I started getting involved with MOTUS activities just a few months after starting my web design business. It’s fun starting your own business but it’s also challenging. You have to get used to making all the decisions yourself and getting out there and finding clients, so some days it can feel tough and lonely. “I’ve been to a number of MOTUS events now including netwalks and workshops and I’ve loved all of them. The ladies I’ve met through MOTUS have been a fantastic source of support and inspiration along my journey. I have done work for other members of the group, I have had referrals to people outside the group, I have collaborated with people in the group so I can offer my clients a more complete solution and I have had great advice and support. Plus we have a lot of fun walking, planning, bouncing ideas around and eating cake! I’m doing some work for one group member and working on a really interesting venture with another of them – which is a great bonus on top of what I’ve learnt at the events. The network also has an active Facebook group so the support and community is there all the time and it’s run with great energy and enthusiasm by the founder, Amanda McConnell”

Lucy Davies, Websites by Lucy www.websitesbylucy.co.uk


“Being a member of the MOTUS Women Entrepreneurs Network has brought many benefits. I’ve met some lovely ladies who I’ve been able to collaborate with and who have taken part in my Clarity in Motion Walks. There is such a wide range of skills and interests in the group that if you want help, there’s always someone who is able to point you in the right direction. I’ve also attended some great events that have been organised by MOTUS. It’s definitely worth joining this fab network”

Rebecca Norton, Director & Life Coach, Sense of Direction www.senseofdirection.life

“The MOTUS Women Entrepreneurs Network has been THE best support system I could have ever dreamed of as a female business owner. It’s very different from other networks and I have made not only mutually beneficial connections, but also such fantastic friends for life”

Andrea Gillard, Interior Designer

“Had a “MOTUS Moment” (its a thing, trust me) this week when I connected my ‘WHY’ (thank you Darren Buxton for your presentation at the MOTUS social evening) with an opportunity to promote my business at a conference in a couple of weeks. I was able to put the plan into action by calling a fellow member – how cool is that?! Love this group for their caring, sharing and supporting” xx

Suzanne Smith, Fatigue Specialist and Owner of Reconnecting You www.reconnectingyou.co.uk

“I joined the MOTUS Women Entrepreneurs Network on a Netwalk in September 2017 as I loved the idea of a walk and talk.  Most networking groups I’d been involved in were suited, booted and most follow the same formula .  However, it became apparant on that very first walk that MOTUS was not your average networking group. Being a part of a group of business owners who were all at different stages of their business lifecycle has been an extraordinary experience – the support is what makes MOTUS so special and unique. This group of ladies fast became friends who you can call upon for opinions (always honest) support (always steadfast) and being able to work together to towards common goals has been invaluable.  I LOVE our walks, coffee and cake with peer to peer mentoring, workshops that really help my business move forward and most of all I LOVE spending time with this amazing group of intelligent, fierce, fun, entrepreneurs who have supported me so much already. What are you waiting for come and join us on our next walk”!

Dawn Spendlove, Owner of LOVE Marketing www.lovemarketing.org.uk


“MOTUS is a very different type of networking – a diverse pool of skills, experience and knowledge freely shared amongst members. From valuable peer-to-peer mentoring to accountability buddies, the support is plentiful and mutually beneficial. Add in the Masterclasses across a range of subjects and the opportunity to get out into Derbyshire with the Netwalks, MOTUS really is the perfect way to build a network of supportive and friendly women entrepreneurs. As well as MOTUS as a group, individual members have supported my business, not only with their own businesses, but also by freely offering advice and ideas. I’m in the process of rebranding, and numerous members have had input of ideas, worksheets and methods that have enabled me to move forward much quicker than if I had puzzled through alone and that is the beauty of MOTUS –  even if you work alone everyday, you aren’t alone – there are a group of MOTUS ladies that have got your back”

Deborah Hoult, Virtual Assistant www.deborahhoult.com

“Since joining MOTUS 7 months ago, I have found invaluable support amongst the other members, have attended several useful business workshops and I’ve also made some very good friends”

Marian French, Owner of Peak District Holiday Cottage www.peakdistrictholidaycottage.com

“It can be lonely running a business and easy to get lost in your own head especially if you’re a person who is used to working within an organisation or team.  Motus is a fabulous group of likeminded business women who come together for support, challenge, motivation, inspiration and friendships through a variety of channels. I’ve been a member of Motus since January 2018 and have been welcomed with open arms. There is so much you can get involved with from training courses, to netwalks in the open air or networking over coffee with focussed objectives and outcomes to casual 1-2-1s, more targeted accountability sessions and Facebook group support. The relaxed but completely focussed approach really appeals as I can take part in as much or as little as I want or need to and I know everyone has each others backs. Amanda, is inclusive and is always striving for creative ways to work with the group to move the group forward and make it the best possible experience we can have. In the few short months I have been a member I have got real value in terms of stretch in my thinking, learning new things, ideas for moving my business forwards and friendships.  and i’m sure lots more to come .I’d highly recommend the MOTUS Women Entrepreneurs Network”

Christine Coates, Owner of U Transition Ltd www.utransition.co.uk

“I am so grateful to have crossed paths with Amanda and the wonderful MOTUS ladies. From my limited experience of networking I have not experienced a group that is so welcoming, supportive and uplifting. There is a really great balance of events within the group with the netwalks, peer to peer mentoring, workshops and networking opportunities so there are always chances to connect whatever your schedule is like. I have gained so much since being part of the MOTUS Women Entrepreneurs Network – new skills, customers, referrals, support and most of all real friendships which are so crucial as a women in business.We need to know that we are not alone and there are people around who understand us and that we can lift each other up and cheer each other on”

Joanne Bibby, Health & Wellbeing Consultant

“I love being a part of the MOTUS team – and it does feel like a team in that I am part of a group of ladies who support, encourage, share and give so much. This group means so much to me, having gone from working in a large team to being self employed and working on my own. It’s great to know that I have MOTUS ladies to turn to if I feel stuck, discouraged or in need of advice. I also really enjoy the way that it’s so easy and comfortable to chat whilst we are out netwalking, it’s such an good way of getting to know people, to understand who they are as a person and how this shapes what they do within their businesses. This kind of in-depth knowledge makes it really easy to recommend their services to others, and that’s what networking is all about”

Suzanne Smith, Fatigue Specialist and Owner of Reconnecting You www.reconnectingyou.co.uk

“Working from home, on my own, running my business can be quite isolating, and so I was really looking for a social outlet when I found the MOTUS Women Entrepreneurs Network. However, what I found was so much more!  I have been a member for six months now and feel like I belong to a group of amazing women, all of whom are passionate and professional business owners. Not only that, but they are also there for each other to offer encouragement, expertise, support and inspiration. They are the work colleagues that you really miss when leave a job to strike out on your own, and for me that is so important. I really enjoy getting together with the MOTUS ladies for netwalks, training events, social events and accountability partner meetings – I find that I always leave on a high, buzzing with inspiration, enthusiasm and ideas”

Bridget Weston, Owner of Littonfields Barn www.littonbarn.co.uk