MOTUS Membership Package

Are you a woman in business who is looking to be a part of a friendly, supportive and vibrant community of women entrepreneurs who can connect you with other women in business, help you develop your skills and knowledge, provide you with opportunities to share new experiences, grow your business through new opportunities, build lasting relationships and take time out for YOU?

Joining the MOTUS Women Entrepreneurs Network will give you ALL of this and more!

Being a Member gives you lots of great benefits and value every day of the year through all the different elements of our fabulous Membership Package.

The MOTUS Membership has been designed to provide many different features for Members to promote and grow their business whilst gaining valuable support and access to a range of opportunities for personal development.

We believe that our membership package offers amazing value for ONLY £20 per month (min. of 6 months contact) or £200 for 12 months (saving £40), because when you become a Member of the MOTUS Women Entrepreneurs Network you will gain access to ALL of the following features with their valuable benefits:

A Featured Member ‘In the Spotlight’ post in our Non Members Facebook group and on the website in rotation with other members to help you raise awareness of your business and it’s profile within the group, showing your expertise and experience in your profession. 

A MoTEAvation Monday Meet Up on the 1st Monday of each month in the beautiful Great Barn Restaurant at Hardwick Hall where we come together as a group of women entrepreneurs to discuss a particular ‘business’ topic through sharing our own experiences and learning from those of others to help us run our business more effectively and efficiently.   

A Business Profile page on the MOTUS website to promote your business and what you do, who you do it for and why you do what you do, and raise it’s profile whilst driving traffic to your website and social media pages where people can connect with you.  

Promotion of 2 of your business events OR promotion of 2 offers/discounts each month in the Non Members Facebook group and on our website to showcase what you do and how you can help others if they join your events or take up your offers. 

The opportunity to share 2 blogs each month on our website and in the Non Members Facebook group, that you’ve written to help raise the profile of your business, share your knowledge and expertise and show others that you’re the GO TO professional for what you do.

Access to details about funding support and FREE local events and workshops posted on our website and in the ‘Members Only’ Facebook group to help you stay ahead of your competition with up to date information.

Discounted prices for our Networking Evenings and Business Workshops to save you money whilst you build those long lasting relationships with other members and develop skills and knowledge to help you grow your business.  

Access to our ‘Members Only’ private group on Facebook where you can share ideas, gain support, ask questions, etc with peace of mind that what is discussed is confidential and stays within the Members Only group. 

As part of our Accountability Partner Scheme, there is an opportunity to have an Accountability Buddy to help keep you focused and give you support with setting, managing and achieving your short term, medium term and long term goals.

The opportunity to use the MOTUS logo on your marketing materials and website to show others that you’re part of a professional and credible network that supports women entrepreneurs in their personal and professional development and you’re investing in this to help grow your business.

A Peer to Peer Netwalk on the 2nd Friday of each month, in a stunning Derbyshire location to give you time out from working IN your business, to working ON it for a couple of hours, sharing ideas and dilemma’s, gaining support and clarity and focus as you walk and talk to other women entrepreneurs in the fresh air. 

Ongoing support from a friendly, supportive and inspiring network of women entrepreneurs who provide many different opportunities to help you connect with other like minded women entrepreneurs, develop your skills and knowledge, build long lasting ‘know, like, trust’ relationships where others are happy to recommend you to others, collaborate and grow your business.

In addition to these benefits you will also receive the following discounts and offers from some of our existing Members:

A Technical Website Review & Action Plan package for £30 (RRP £67) with Web Designer, Lucy Davies

 A 1 hour complimentary consultation with Christine Coates, Owner of U Transition Limited, to help you move forward and gain clarity and focus and receive 1 complimentary coaching session or Harrison Assessment report if you sign up for 6 sessions plus 30% off any online course

10% off any stay in one of the Peak District Holiday Cottage,

A complimentary 30 min. ‘Quick Win’ call for with Deborah Hoult, Virtual Assistant, to discuss solutions for effective time management, productivity and processes (as time allows) plus a discounted rate of £200 for the Efficiency Expert’ package which includes a 1-2 hour consultation to review how you work, a written Action Plan, Implementation consultation with software and tools and 2 x 30 min. follow up sessions for troubleshooting and accountability

A 1 hour complimentary Marketing Health Check with Dawn Spendlove, Owner of Love Marketing

A 1 hour complimentary consultation with Lisa Artliff from Artliff Design to discuss your branding/logo and receive a complimentary copy of her Branding Guidelines to use with your stakeholders

A 1 hour complimentary coaching session with Rebecca Norton, Owner and Coach at Sense of Direction



Membership Options:

£200 for 12 months

£20 per month (min. of 6 months) 


JOIN NOW and start promoting your business through sharing your events, blogs and business profile to 1000’s of people online and taking advantage of being part of our Facebook group, FREE monthly Netwalk and lots of other benefits!

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