Jo Outram

Jo Outram
Jo Outram
Financial Fitness Instructor

Plan your personal finances, understand your business accounts & upgrade your money mindset

Financial fitness coach:

Helping women in business understand their accounts and prepare their own tax returns. Author of ‘Getting to Grips with Yours Sole Trader Accounts & Tax Return’ which is available on Amazon. One to one coaching available, plus an online course “Knowing Your Business Numbers” which goes through the stages of producing sole trader accounts and then preparing for and submitting a self-assessment tax return.

Author of the ‘Money Gamplan’ (release date: late October) which is also available as an online course (from 1 November 2017). The money gameplan is a plan to achieve your money goals, by organising your personal finances and upgrading your mindset around money and wealth.

Providing workshops on financial matters (for women only).

One-to-one coaching for VIP clients, to help them upgrade their money mindset, and rewriting their money story.

Law of Attraction coach.