Jo Cavalot

Jo Cavalot
Jo Cavalot

We practically help and support people to “DO The Things They MOst Want” – which is what it stands for, from mundane chores to wildest dreams.

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My name is Jo Cavalot and I set up DOTTYMOW after coming across more and more people who were saying, “I would love to do that, but……”. Most reasons they had for not doing “it” seemed to me to be able to be overcome fairly easily. So, the whole aim of DOTTYMOW is to help you, through practical action and ongoing support, to “Do The Things You Most Want” from today’s mundane chores to your wildest dreams.

My background is in the Printing Industry in a variety of roles over the years, always involving organisation and project management. In 2012 I hit a rock bottom and realised that I needed to change, which has turned out to be a major turning point in my life. Since then I have been rebuilding my world, facing those fears that were holding me back, finding out what I love and discovering a true joy and happiness in helping others. I decided to take the leap and follow my dream to build a business to do this.

Our services include Exploring Ideas, Decluttering then Selling and Recycling, Household Admin. and Organisation, Trip Planning, Running Errands, Unconfusing Technology, Companion Service, Health & Nutrition and Bespoke Project Planning.

We aim to help you to get rid of the annoying things on your “To Do” list then focus with you on your “Bucket List”.