Diane Evans

Diane Evans

I am a Health and Wellness Coach offering support to individuals.

Sustained weight loss, wellness and general good health take conscious thought, intention and work and this is something I, as a Health and Wellness Coach can assist with.

I work with clients on a 1 to 1 basis to help them map out their weight loss journey, hitting smaller, attainable goals along the way to their ultimate long term goal.

I also offer help and support to woman during the peri/menopausal stages to assist in a better transition through this often difficult time when there may have been weight gain and very often unpleasant side affects , many of which can be eased through good nutrition

I believe that mindset is key to whether we succeed or fail in anything we do. I work closely with clients in this area, as our thoughts cause us to feel which then causes a reaction, often in the firm of comfort eating. I teach coping strategies to break this cycle so that clients can move forward towards their ultimate goal.