Christine Coates

Christine Coates
U Transition Limited

Coaching, Development and Talent Solution for Organisations and Individuals that enables positive, transformational, lasting change.

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I’m Chrissie and my company, U Transition Ltd, specialises in Coaching, Training & Development and Talent Solutions for Organisations, Teams and Individuals that enables positive, transformational, lasting change.
We work with passion, integrity and commitment to help guide you through your periods of transition and change in order to achieve your goals drawing on Harrison Talent Management Solutions, Coaching and NLP amongst many other change management tools and techniques.

If you are looking to attract and recruit new team members, develop, grow and retain those already with you, build careers, improve employee engagement or help your leaders to lead more effectively, U Transition Limited can help.

Whether you are an individual or a business, U Transition Limited will work in partnership with you to develop and deliver pragmatic, bespoke coaching, training and development solutions which are tailored to your specific goals, business or personal objectives and that inspire and improve performance and growth.

All relationships are built with a foundation of trust and respect and I truly believe everyone has the potential and the right to become the best they can be.