Suzanne Smith

Suzanne Smith
Suzanne Smith
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I am a Fatigue Specialist, working with all forms of fatigue from tiredness and exhaustion all the way through to recovery from chronic fatigue illnesses M.E, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. In addition to supporting clients to recovery, I run courses on personal growth and offer Health Kinesiology sessions to deal with stress, injury and illness.

Recovery from Chronic Fatigue Illness: As a Chrysalis Effect Practitioner, I lead a team who take the anxiety, isolation and guesswork out of your return to health. I do this by identifying exactly where you are in the phases of recovery, tailoring a unique programme to support you step by step and then systematically addressing all 8 key areas to release your symptoms.

I shortcut your journey back to health and vitality. It is absolutely possible for you to recovery, to feel confident, happy and at peace with your body.

Health Kinesiology: Are looking for an holistic therapy which is a little different? Health Kinesiology is a muscle testing therapy that bypasses what is going on in your head by connecting in directly with what your body needs to restore balance and boost energy. It is non-invasive, deeply relaxing and incredibly powerful.

If you are ready to release stress and transform your energy levels so that you can have a more balanced life, then get in touch. You can contact me via email to book your complimentary Health Review and 30 minute telephone consultation.